Ideas for a more enjoyable winter

On this page we will list all of the ways that we think of to enjoy the winter more, or at least survive it fairly well. Hopefully we will manage to do most of them as well. We’ll add to the list as we think of things as we go along but feel free to contact us with your own suggestions.

  • Fires. Outdoors, indoors, down the pub. One of the greatest benefits winter can offer
  • Candles, lots of them to give your home that cosy tucked-up glow. Be careful with them though
  • Find a bit of nature to walk around regularly. This way you can observe the changes through the season and have a better sense of time progressing towards spring. You also get to to enjoy frosts and other outdoor loveliness
  • If you like dogs, why not get one? It’s one way to make sure you get outdoors a lot and experience some lovely frosty mornings
  • Learn to love the dark. Spend more time looking up to the moon and the stars; you might even find yourself looking forward to nightfall
  • Have a night of dark food with friends – savour the earthy, satisfying flavours with red wine or ginger wine, by candlelight
  • Enjoy the sunrise, especially if you are not usually up early enough to enjoy it at other times of the year
  • Feed the birds –  in your own garden if you have one or in a park nearby if not. They really need it and, to quote the nice Mr Albarn, it gives you an enormous sense of wellbeing
  • Enjoy the shape of trees in the winter and their silhouettes – they can be quite beautiful and you don’t get to see this in the other seasons
  • Go for a good long (for you) walk  on a very cold day and end up in a pub for a warming pint or something else, or at home for a hearty stew and a roaring fire. One of the most pleasurable experiences winter can offer
  • Bake something hearty and filling. It’s a great activity for a day when a cold rain is lashing down and gives you a sense of coziness you can only get in the winter
  • Tuck yourself up with some classic ghost stories by firelight or candlelight, whichever you have available

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