Twice as cosy

I’ve been quiet lately because Birch Mansions has been all about getting ready for adopting cats and then ‘installing’ them this week. Winter happiness is here for me in the shape of two kitten brothers who sometimes deign to sit on laps and curl up. Together. Kittens don’t stay still for photos very well, but there’s a little sample below.

After the loss of Probably The Best Cat in The World, last spring, it is like Christmas morning each day now, waking up to a couple of furry creatures who cheer us up and provide the children amusement and someone else to blame for all the naughtiness.

People have asked why I am getting kittens at this very busy time of year when it’s so hectic in the run up to Christmas (e.g. ten minutes to create two Roman solder outfits for the nativity, cutting pillow cases…absolutely NO time for sewing). This is a great time because we can keep the cats in more easily. We don’t need to keep opening the doors to play outside all the time and because it helps me feel good about being indoors when I am. Without an indoor fire, this is a kind of equivalent; compete with sound effects – purring, instead of crackling.

Welcome Bear and Fish. The winter kittens.



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