Recent doings

As well as having a difficult time uploading photos to WordPress, hence the delay between posts, I’ve been doing a few good wintry things lately that I thought I’d share.

First up was one of our first real fires of the year, on which we roasted chestnuts (in the tin can in the photo) and the kids toasted marshmallows; no matter how dark and gloomy it is outside, this is one way to pretty much guarantee a sense of warm winter cosiness.

Chestnuts 2 (1320 x 990)In addition I’ve started a search for local pubs with real fires to take refuge in when things are tough. That is definitely something that winter has over summer, and if it isn’t a reason to enjoy winter I’m not sure what is.

Jo and I also watched The Shining by candlelight with some green ginger wine handy. Not strictly part of the winter mood project maybe but again much more suited to this time of year than a gloriously warm and light June evening. We haven’t yet got round to fully exploring culture that really suits the winter but that is coming.

I also did another of the cemetery walks, although this was nearly two weeks ago. I’m starting to feel an affinity to the cemetery that I’ve never had before, even though I’ve lived next to it for nine years. As a result I’m starting to really enjoy rowan trees, the berries bright scarlet on some trees and a burnished orange on others, the leaves a mix of deep coppery reds and alarming yellows. They are lovely and I’ll miss them when winter properly takes hold, though when they start to bud again it will be something to lift me.

Here are the latest cemetery photos, with autumn still hanging in there.

Cemetery 10.11.13 (1320 x 990)

Burngreave Chapel 10.11.13 (1000 x 750)

This weekend it’s time to make Christmas puddings, a lovely way to mark the passage of time to the middle of the winter and a good tradition to instill in the children. Photo to follow.

These are the kinds of things we have vowed to do more of this year as a way of appreciating the winter; enjoying what is special and what is in tune with the cold and the dark. You can see more on our new Ideas For a More Enjoyable Winter page


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