Bright frosts and dark fruits

I think it’s time to have a break from focusing on just how grumpy everyone can be when they/we are getting ill, being ill, or getting over it. Instead, this week I celebrate the first frosts I have seen. While out walking on Saturday, B was desperate to take a frosty leaf back to brother A at home. She was as excited as I was to see the frost and not a little disappointed that most had melted by lunchtime. This morning we had a little frost locally too. The bright sun and cold air has been just what I’ve been waiting after all the rain.

frost leaves in november

I’ll tell you what else has been marvellous this week…eating the bilberries we picked from Blacka Moor  in September ( We had a bilberry crumble so exceptionally sweet, dark and the intense in colour. It stained our mouths a rich bluish purple. We have some bilberry vodka brewing as well. Eating this foraged-for food brings back happy memories of early autumn days and of the power of the sun back in August and September while the fruit was still ripening.


Lastly, my desire to boost myself with summer nostalgia was realised in a frenzy of displaying glossy photographs of our joyful summer activities (of which there were many this year). A reminder of the people, places and sensations evidenced on the walls of our fridge and around our kitchen is a continual nourishment for the soul. Especially during those long tea times.


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