Long dark tea time of the soul

Douglas Adams was referring to being immortal but I just had a long dark tea time tonight and my soul was similarly feeling dark and sort of long and stretched out in an unhealthy way. So it is that on some evenings, all does not feel good with the world. A challenging tea time it was with almost unrivaled post-viral tantrums from B and although A was slightly unwell, he was thankfully docile.  I have a throat that feels populated by rusty razor blades. Him indoors remains in enviously fine fettle having enjoyed a cycle-commute today even though most of it was in the dark and rain. Good on him.

Some days, like today, there will be posts that are clearly a bit down in the mouth and frankly grumpy.  But I make no apology for that. We don’t want to show only smiles and winter cheer.  Oh and last night’s bonfire was an overcrowded, over-barriered, under-warm, mud-fest that we could have missed. We tried.

Yes Chris, night time walks on the horizon when feeling just a little brighter.  I went out on Sunday night and it was just the thing. That evening I met a nocturnal type woman who loves the winter and the dark. She is positively inspired by it and rather dreads the spring and summer.

Will tune in to R4. Will it be comforting?


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