Creativity….begins in darkness?

autumn writingbook makingApparently, darkness – either without or within – is conducive to creativity. I could buy into that thought. This week I have been a little bit creative and decided to make a very rough kind of story book to give away to friend’s daughter. I only ever make very rough kind of creative things because I can’t be neat and artistic at the same time.

It has been hugely uplifting doing some tearing (cutting requires too much care) and sticking and some pen drawings.

Yesterday was my first not-going-oudoors day of the season. That almost never happens but it was a ghastly day of rain and B was poorly so staying in seemed the right thing to do. Whilst I pottered carrying on with book illustrations begun the night before, a magical thing happened to my children. They too, contentedly, began and completed some creative projects. This almost never happens (especially to A who has gone off drawing and writing since starting school) but there was something creative in the dull dark day and something in the air that let us get on with our own things, quite undirected.

Yes I know – it would be more interesting to see the kids’ creative projects rather than mine. I’ll ask A and B if I can show you what they did.









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